Two driven and professional women have decided to combine their callings to save those around them.  A manager at ADP and Human Services Case Manager, both Tamika and Ebony’s everyday life exemplifies their breadth of knowledge in leadership and compassion.  Their expertise in management, public service, counseling, and mentoring proves that these businesswomen have what it takes to help shape and change the direction of today’s youth.  


After being the “go to” person for many people, both ladies recognized the need for more mentors and counselors and understood the importance of helping others, especially youth.  Wanting to create a legacy that future generations could pass down, friends, Ebony and Tamika founded NxtUp.


NxtUp is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing unsurpassable personal and developmental services to undeserved high school youth through career coaching, educational development, business conduct and etiquette.  When life doesn’t always provide you with a clear road to travel, Tamika and Ebony will be there to help expand your possibilities by establishing a clear pathway to your future.

ESTABLISHING PATHWAYS & Expanding Possibilities

P.O. Box 373223

Decatur, Ga 30037


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