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In order for us to be great at what we do, we cannot do without you. Children who do not have the means to excel, will be given a chance to actually see that dreams can become a reality! We would love for you to assist us. Sign up to volunteer with us!


In order to serve the youth through scholarships, activities, and other experiences we need your help to do so.  If you would like, make a pledge with us today. Maybe your company has an internal campaign to raise funds for charities, and you would like to place NxtUp on the list? Contact us and we can help you get  NxtUp added to the list. 


In Person

We would love for you to spend time with the youth! If you would like more information on how to volunteer, contact us at the email below.


If you are ready to make a donation now, please click on the donate button below! 

Establishing Pathways


Expanding Possibilities

By Email

Have any questions, or have thought of some creative ways in supporting us helping? We would love to hear about it! Send us a email.

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